Hackers Spread Malware Emails Impersonate Corona Virus Information

Hackers Spread Malware Emails Impersonate Corona Virus Information

dirthawg.com – Cyber ​​criminals (evil hackers) were found to be taking advantage of the anxiety of world citizens around the corona virus , by sending malware emails disguising themselves as guidelines for the health of the outbreak.

Under the guise of health guidance e-mail, the malware has been detected by security companies that monitor cyber threats across the country.

By displaying information about corona virus outbreaks and outbreaks , cyber criminals can get victims to open messages infected with malware without them knowing.

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This corona virus malware case was first detected by IBM X-Force Threat Intelligence, and targeted victims of its spread with reports of outbreak infections in various cities in Japan, such as Gifu, Osaka, and Tottori.

Quoted from Techradar , Friday (1/31/2020), the email disguised as an official notification from the health center was included with an attachment containing detailed instructions for preventing corona virus infection .

Online map of the spread of the Wuhan corona virus, accessed at 12:40 WIB on Friday, January 31, 2020. (Printscreen gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com)

Furthermore, attachments of Microsoft Word documents disguised to the e-mail actually contain malicious programs that are directly connected to the type of malware Emotet.

It is known, this malware has the ability to steal the victim’s personal data, browser usage history, and other sensitive documents.

Security experts at Kaspersky also found dangerous files disguised as pdf, mp4, docx files related to the corona virus.

“The corona virus, which is being widely discussed as headlines, has been exploited by cyber criminals to deceive its victims,” ​​said Anton Ivanov, malware analyst at Kaspersky.

“So far, we have only found 10 unique files. If activities like this often occur with popular topics, then it is quite possible there will be more and more spread,” explained Anton.

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